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50L Cooler + Tumbler + Plug

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Large, tough and cold! The Blue 50 holds a true 50 Liters and is built to last!
It has best in class in durability and keeps ice up to 10 days. The BLUE 50 is a
customer favorite due to its value and functionality. This large cooler is the ultimate
option for serious outdoor adventuring. Features include: non-skid feet, lockable
lid, freezer style gasket, sure-grip handles, roto-molded construction with up to
2.25” of insulation, rapid drain system, among others.

Simply, put this cooler can handle it all! Whether you are an outdoorsman, weekend warrior, tailgater or just like cold beer and soda, we know you will love it!

This bundle includes a Tumbler and extra drain plug completely free.