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Blue Coolers 3.0 - 100 Quart Ark Series Starter Bundle - Accessories
Blue Coolers 3.0 - 100 Quart Ark Series Starter Bundle - AccessoriesBlue Coolers 3.0 - 100 Quart Ark Series Starter Bundle - AccessoriesBlue Coolers 3.0 - 100 Quart Ark Series Starter Bundle - AccessoriesBlue Coolers 3.0 - 100 Quart Ark Series Starter Bundle - AccessoriesBlue Coolers 3.0 - 100 Quart Ark Series Starter Bundle - AccessoriesBlue Coolers 3.0 - 100 Quart Ark Series Starter Bundle - AccessoriesBlue Coolers 3.0 - 100 Quart Ark Series Starter Bundle - AccessoriesBlue Coolers 3.0 - 100 Quart Ark Series Starter Bundle - Accessories
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This bundle includes all the below items necessary to optimize the performance of your 100 QUART Ark Series Cooler:


Divider/Cutting Board
Dry Basket
LED Light Kit
Lock Kit
Extra Drain Cap
Oh, and to top it all off we are offering FREE SHIPPING!

Blue Coolers 3.0:  Same great cooler design upgraded and improved with same great industry-leading price per quart.  The 3.0 Features: 
  • Reinforced molded grip handles 
  • Dry basket and divider ready interior design
  • Integrated rapid drain plug system
  • Sleek design with more Blue Coolers branding
  • 100% accurate molded quart sizing marks on every cooler 
  • Pressure release button
Our customer's asked for a bigger cooler, so Here It Is!  The Blue Coolers Ark Series 100 Quart Cooler!!!  The Ark Series is designed for the professional high volume user.  Tough, rugged and large.  This cooler is intended to be filled up and stay in place.  Don't try and move this one around without eating your spinach first!  
Typical Uses Include:  Large group or commercial BBQ, deep sea fishing, hunting, houseboating, multi-night camping trips, catering, medium/large game storage and transportation, rafting excursions, commercial work sites.
Features include:  Durable integrated wheel set, non-skid feet, lockable lid, freezer style gasket, sure-grip handles, roto-molded construction with industry leading 2” insulated walls, rapid drain system, among others.
Product Warranty:  90-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee and 5 year parts and construction defect warranty.

Actual Interior Size: True 100 Quart Interior Volume

Empty Weight:  38 lbs.

# of Cans at 2:1 ice ratio: 90-95 cans


Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Belinda Covington (Casa Grande, AZ, US)

Unfortunately we’ve only used the cooler once since purchasing but so far so good. It is heavy when empty but the wheels and handle help! Love the basket that helped those items stay dry. Love the locks keeps everything sealed up. Happy with our purchase. The true test will be done this November when we go to the dunes!

Michael Rose
Love it

Actually purchased the 100 ark. Great cooler. Sure I’m the back of my work truck in the sun on gas well sites for 12 hours at a time and steal keeps ice 4-5 days with a crew of 3 opening it repeatedly through the shift and sometimes guys from the other service companies that are on site with us. My favorite part is irritating my wife with the fact that it’s leaps and

Doug Schnell (Casa Grande, AZ, US)
The Best

It kicks my old Yeti’s butt!! Amazing cooler!!

Derek Mortensen (Denver, CO, US)
You can fit a 10 year old in this thing.

This 110 Ark is just that the Noahs Ark of coolers. Our 10 year old daughter was able to fit in it just for fun. We did not shut the lid of course these things are air tight. And for those Karens out there thinking of child abuse. We took this on a family trip, with the divider we were able to fit 4 blocks of ice in the bottom 3 12 packs on one side 36 water bottles on the other side, and 2 more bags of ice on top.

Now when you fill this thing up like this it is very heavy which is why we got the one with the wheels. You will not be able to lift this on your own with it filled up. With the wheels it is mobile it may take two to drag but its not to bad, handle and wheels are very sturdy. We put them to the test for sure.

These coolers hold Ice for a very long time, if you are at a family reunion and this is your source for the cold beverages for everyone then you won’t get the 10 days ice retention because it is getting open so frequently. But the ice will last the duration of your reunion. I have 3 of these blue coolers. The 110, 60 both with wheels, and the 55 without wheels. The 55 2.0 I have used on the job site for 2 years now we fill it with ice on Monday and Thursday mornings as with the hot weather we are in it very often. But it keeps ice much longer than other coolers. When we fill on Thursday it will keep ice through the weekend. And thats in the back of the truck with the sun beating on it.

Only drawback that I have had is the divider will move out of place when in transport when half to quarter full, other than that not a bad purchase at all. The dry basket is excellent. We found the cooler to be too cold for bags of salad on longer trips. Whose going to complain about their cooler being too cold.

Quick tips. Blocks of ice in the bottom before filling with items will keep the cooler acclimated, then crushed ice on top. Everything stays ice cold that way. Then you drain the water after a couple of days and refresh the crushed ice. I have had blocks of ice last from Monday to Saturday in 90+ heat in direct sunlight.

I love the price point of these coolers.

Corey Voichoskie (Lincoln, NE, US)
One heavy duty big a$$;cooler.

Keeps ice , ice! Not super cheap, not lightweight either. But it is one damn nice cooler. No regrets and customer service is top shelf.

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