NEW!!! - 100 Quart Hard & Soft Bundle Package
NEW!!! - 100 Quart Hard & Soft Bundle PackageNEW!!! - 100 Quart Hard & Soft Bundle PackageNEW!!! - 100 Quart Hard & Soft Bundle PackageNEW!!! - 100 Quart Hard & Soft Bundle PackageNEW!!! - 100 Quart Hard & Soft Bundle PackageNEW!!! - 100 Quart Hard & Soft Bundle PackageNEW!!! - 100 Quart Hard & Soft Bundle PackageNEW!!! - 100 Quart Hard & Soft Bundle Package
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Bundle and Save - NEW 16 Quart Journey Series Soft Sided Cooler

For a limited time you can get our NEW 16 Quart Journey Series soft-sided cooler + a 100 Quart Ark Series Cooler for this unheard of bundle price.  This bundle features our large and in charge 100Q Ark Series cooler + the lightweight ease and transport of our NEW 16 Quart Journey Series soft sided cooler.
This is a limited time introductory offer.  Supplies are limited and inventory is moving fast so do NOT hesitate on this deal.  This bundle includes:
1 x Blue Coolers 2.0 100 Quart Ark Series Cooler (Up to 10 Days Ice)
1 x Blue Coolers 16 Quart Journey Series Soft Sided Cooler (Up to 4 Days Ice)
Product Warranty:  90-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee and 5 year parts and construction defect warranty.
More about the Journey 16:  The Blue Coolers Journey Series is our new line of soft-sided and alternative insulated products.  This reinforced soft sided-cooler is an easy-to-transport, versatile cooler that is stylish and built to perform.  This cooler features, waterproof zippers, leak proof seams, a chrome bottle opener, and puncture resistant materials.  The Blue Coolers soft-sided cooler is rated for up to 4 days ice retention.
More about the Blue Coolers 100 Quart Ark Series Cooler:  Our Ark Series cooler is designed for the professional high volume user.  Tough, rugged and large.  This cooler is intended to be filled up and stay in place.  Don't try and move this one around without eating your spinach first!  Features include: non-skid feet, lockable lid, freezer style gasket, sure-grip handles, roto-molded construction with industry leading 2” insulated walls, rapid drain system, among others.



Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Nola Ginther (Airdrie, AB, CA)
Best Purchases Ever Made

The cooler was more than I expected. Took it on its first holiday and could not believe how cold everything stayed. We actually on day 3 still had frost in our chicken. Unbelievable, the first morning I had milk in my cereal and it was ice cold not luke warm, felt like I was at home and just took it out of the fridge. The staff I dealt with on ordering were super friendly and helpful. I will be telling all my friends and family about these awesome coolers. Thank you

Steve Reiter (Dayton, OH, US)

NTPC Customized - 100 Quart Ark Series Cooler from Blue Coolers

Gary Miller (El Paso, TX, US)
Best I ever had

We were in Colorado for 18 days and added 20 pounds of ice to it in that time.
It was in full sun half the day. (WOW)
The yeti stayed home now.

GHB NASHVILLE (Arlington Heights, IL, US)
Life saver - food saver

My 14-year old refrigerator starting giving me hints that it was tired, so for Christmas last year, I asked my kids for the 100 lb Blue Cooler. My kids thought I was crazy, but they indulged me and bought me the cooler (as a joint present from them). It took a while for my refrigerator to die, but it finally did, ironically when I had both my kids (and spouse) here for a visit. The boys went out and bought ONE bag of grocery store ice. We already had several travel-size ice packs which were frozen. So we took all the food from the freezer (huge amount) and completely filled the BC-100 to the brim. We ate out of that for five days while we awaited delivery of the new refrigerator (of course over a holiday weekend), opening the cooler sparingly. Today, the new refrigerator was delivered. I was shocked at the limited loss of food in the cooler. Mostly, I had to throw things out because it had thawed, my company had gone home, and it was more than I could eat in a short time frame. The bag of ice we purchased BARELY EVEN MELTED, but the biggest culprit was the water from the ice that DID melt - it soaked through the cardboard on many of the food boxes. STILL, we could have lasted another couple of days on the food that was still good. I LOVE THIS COOLER. It's heavy, though. I didn't buy the one with wheels - probably should have. But I don't regret it a bit. I was MOTIVATED to chime in on the virtues of this product. It is absolutely AWESOME.

Kirsten Skirvin (Simi Valley, CA, US)
Best Cooler Ever

I have owned several coolers in the last few years. Many of them high end brands. I recently purchased the 30 quart white cooler and the soft sided cooler. Both are fantastic! The 30 qt has kept my food cold for days! I also followed their instructions on their web site including using ice to prep the cooler and leaving some water in as well. My food kept for the entire week trip. I then used both coolers for picnics, lunches, and major traveling. The zipper on the soft sided cooler is easier to manage than both of the comparable high end, and much more expensive, brands. And it is beautifully made. I love the width and height as well as the convenience the soft sided cooler lends me for lunch on the go. The 30 quart is perfect for everything else. With the cutting board and the basket it is the best cooler I have owned. I also love the lockable lid. As a person on the go, I am happiest when my gear is locked and protected.

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