Blue Coolers 55 QT Cooler Review – Yeti Killer?

Thank you to TJ at for taking the time to give a thorough review of our 55Q cooler. Check out what TJ has to say below.

Gears rating4 out of 5 

 The Blue Coolers 55 QT cooler is a rotomolded cooler similar to a Yeti with

- non-skid feet

-locking lid

-freezer style gasket

-sure-grip handles

-three colors to choose from.

The first thing I noticed about the Blue Coolers 55 QT cooler was the awesome blue color. The blue color brand also makes coolers in other colors, by the way. Next, my eye was drawn to the bottle opener on the front tab, which was used right away… you know, for testing purposes. The cooler seemed to be put together well with a tight locking lid and sturdy handles.Blue Coolers 55 QT Cooler SpecsExterior Dimensions: 27″W x 18.9″ T x 18.1″ DInterior Dimensions: 13″T x 13″D at top/12 1/2″DEmpty Weight: 28.2 LBSInterior Volume: 55QTS

Field Test

For testing, I pre-chilled the cooler for a day then filled it back up with ice and “beverages” and put it out in the yard. I took an outer temperature and an inner temperature each day at 2 PM, when its the hottest down here in Florida. The “beverages” stayed cold for 5 days with only opening it once a day for temperature readings and thirst-quenching.The average outside temperature of the cooler was 135.4 F, shot in the middle of the lid. The inside temperature average was 46.5 F, shot in the middle of the back wall of the cooler. The cooler also stayed out in the Florida elements the whole testing period and showed no signs of separation, warping, rusting or cracking.

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