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Coffee thermos

Great thermos, keeps my coffee nice and hot. Easy to drink out of, and the lid is easy to clean.

Drinkware - 20 oz. Steel Double-wall Vacuum Insulated Flask (Snap Top Lid)

30 Quart Companion Series Roto-Molded Cooler
Todd White (West Bend, WI, US)
Great as Always

Awesome cooler, my 3rd Blue Cooler

Scratched Up

If someone is spending a good amount of money for these coolers, I expect it to not come with scratches on every side of it. My first impression was not a good one.

Cobalt 55 Bundle - 25Q+55Q Cooler Bundle
Chris Van Horn (Eagle Point, OR, US)
Solid and does the job

Was skeptical trying after using another over priced brand, but no issues at all and the product over delivered.

Ok, but disappointed...

I REALLY wanted to give an excellent review, but unfortunately I'm not completely happy. I'd like to share 4 things that caused me to give my purchase 3 stars, instead of a 5 or even 4 star review.

#1 - The handle to tow the cooler is not padded, nor is the cooler in front padded where the handle hits the cooler. When towing the cooler by the handle and then dropping the handle, (or when driving with the cooler in the back, the handle makes a VERY loud sound as it flops around and hits the cooler body, or when it's let go of after towing. This could have been easily remedied by putting some padding on the handle.

#2 - Their more expensive cooler talks about the smart way they put the drain plug at the end with the wheels, so it's easy to drain. I agree this was very smart, and figured they would do that on all their cooler models. When I asked customer service about this, they said they will be doing this on the model I purchased in the future. This didn't sit well, as I wish now I would have waited to order till they did this on my model. When the cooler is full, it's not easy to pick up the end with the wheels to drain the excess water out. MUCH easier to grab by the handle and let the cooler tilt on it's wheels to drain.

#3 - I packed the cooler with ice and my food to the top. I only opened it two times for a few minutes over 3 days time. My food after 3 days was barely cold, and I almost had to throw some food out. My model is rated for 5 days. Maybe I didn't put enough ice in for the amount of food, or maybe I'm doing something else wrong, but it didn't seem like it.

#4 - The latches that keep the lid shut barely have any resistance at all when closing the cooler. In other words, I'm left wondering if the seal is really tight. The latches are actually so loose, I wonder if I hit a large bump with my truck, that they could release and allow the lid to flop around and decrease how well the cooler lid is sealed against the body of the cooler.

Thanks for allowing me to give my feedback. I think it's still the best cooler I've probably ever purchased in the big picture, but for the price, I feel these issues above should/could be addressed, or better expectations given. -Joel

30 Quart Companion Series Roto-Molded Cooler
Allan Aaberg (Clear Lake, MN, US)

30 Quart Companion Series Roto-Molded Cooler

Great little cooler!!!

The Cobalt 25 has been a great little cooler! It is lightweight and holds ice for a long time.

Love the wheels it goes well with my 60qt wheeled and 30 qt blue coolers

Cobalt 25 Quart Roto-Molded Super Cooler
Thanh Ho (Placentia, CA, US)
Perfect little Cooler for a weekend trip

Great price, and kept all my drinks and food cool for the whole wknd. It is well made and i love the new latches.

Blue Coolers 3.0 - 110 Quart Starter Bundle W/WHEELS - Accessories
Tommy H. (Arizona hunter) (Winslow, AZ, US)
110 qt review vs canyon cooler

Just got my 110qt ark series cooler a couple months ago. Took it out to Sonora Mexico on a coues deer hunt last week. I loaded it up with ice on Thursday night, crossed the boarder on Friday morning. My friends that were hunting also did the same with their canyon cooler it was about the same size 100 qt iam guessing. We both put our coolers side by side in the shade all week, 9 days later when we were packing out our deer meat the canyon cooler had about 1/4 of the ice left and most of the bags were totally melted the blue cooler 110qt had around 80% of the ice left. I had to give bags of ice to my friends so they could pack the deer meat. We were all blown away by how well the cooler held the ice!! And they were all impressed by the wheels and handle so one guy could roll it around. Everyone was gonna by blue coolers after seeing how much better it was in a real world side by side comparison. Nothing better on the market today!! 👍

Awesome r

Really like the accessories kit, it’s very good

Cobalt 25 Quart Roto-Molded Super Cooler
mike zumwalt (San Antonio, TX, US)
Lid locks

The rubber latches on the lid are a pain when opening and closing the lid … fix that and u are golden ….

Very nice cooler

I was impressed with the quality and how heavy duty these coolers are.

Cobalt 55 Quart with Wheels Roto-Molded Super Cooler
Tammy VanVreede (Kaukauna, WI, US)
Perfect size

This cooler is the perfect size but doesn’t hold the ice for 5 days like it says it should. That’s why I didn’t give it 5 stars.

Great Unit

I've had my 65 roller for over a year now and am very happy with the quality and size and its ability to hold ice for days on end since I leave it in my pontoon all weekends usually . The only thing I wish they made was a factort cushion topper so I could use it as a additional seat also

Love it! Perfect fit!

Fit perfect love the divider & basked

Cobalt 55 Quart with Wheels Roto-Molded Super Cooler
Cindy Brondyke (Grand Haven, MI, US)
Ice Challenge

Cooler was a Christmas gift to our son. He did the 5 day ice challenge. At the end of day five he still had ice in cooler. Day six only water remained but beverages still cold. Great cooler.

60 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler with Wheels
Richard DeAngelo (Rockton, PA, US)
An Even Better Cooler!

I already had a Blue 55 cooler and it works great. But I liked the idea of a cooler on wheels so that I could easily pull it out onto the end gate of my truck. With the lift handle, the cooler works even better than I expected. And the easy latch system is perfect. I use gallon milk bottles to freeze water and they last an extra long time. I have cold drinks (and chocolate bars) in my truck all year round. I'm also always able to keep restaurant leftovers cold. Perfect for both long and short trips. Very highly recommended.

Accessory - Dry Basket for 100/110 Quart Coolers
Kayla Polonsky (Atlanta, GA, US)

Accessory - Dry Basket for 100/110 Quart Coolers

Great looking Cooler

I received my 3.0. 60 Qt. ice vault and it looks and functions great. I have a center console fishing boat that I will be competing in this upcoming 2023 season and the cooler looks great and serves also as a set .I look forward to many seasons with my Blue Cooler.

Amazing cooler

We have purchase 5+ Blue Coolers for our employees in construction and they keep them in the back of their trucks. Drinks stay cold for days. Cooler holds up well in our rough, abusive environment

Love my accessory kit

The basket and light are amazing additions.


It seems to be a well built cooler, my only two concerns would be when it was shipped to me one set of wheels just fell off, they were not screwed on properly, I found screws in bottom of box. My other concern would be over time the handle will be the first thing to go, only because of its range of motion when using it. Other than that. cooler does its job.

Cobalt 55 Quart Roto-Molded Super Cooler
RJ Hornst (Millis, MA, US)
Great Cooler but...

Really like the cooler's color (light blue), performance and interior space and I haved used it for hunting a couple times already. However the cooler has individual hard rubber feet and sliding the cooler into the back of my pickup bed is a challenge because the feet grab when trying to slide it in to the back, and recently when pulling it out of the bed one of the feet popped off. I popped it back on but will have to pay attention in future moving or sliding the cooler to avoid feet popping.