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Awesome looking quality built cooler but not sure how well it works yet have not went out

It looks like a high-quality ice chest and keeps ice cool.

It looks like a high-quality ice chest and keeps the ice cold, I wish the ice chest came with a plastic divider and metal basket like Yeri.

Satisfied Customer!

Great quality and the perfect size. The cooler is pretty heavy, so I anticipate having no problems with durability. Delivery was prompt.

Great item

If you don’t get the middle divider / cutting board the basket will slide from side to side otherwise it’s great

My new Blue!

I have just graduated from the cheapest, biggest cooler I could find to my first Blue Cooler! I looked at the rest of the really expensive options and bought the one that backed the Blue. I have only used it once and the ice barely melted, the rest of its life, my wife’s Yorkie uses it for her perch.


Best cooler on the market. Price point customer service delivery all TOP SHELF!!

Awesome cooler-better than Yeti!!!

I love my cooler on wheels. I left beer and ice in it for 3 days sitting outside and the beer was ice cold and it had some ice still solid! This is a bad ass cooler. Get one man!!!

Excellent cooler

Well made cooler with several great features. Looking to see how it does this summer in the heat but by the way it’s made I think it will do well.

They are awesome

I gave my husband the big one and my son the smaller one. They both loved them.

Snow in South Texas

We recently traveled to Colorado, over the Christmas Break, and took our 30 & 50 quart Blue Coolers for drinks and groceries. Before we left we decided to pack the 30 quart full of freshly fallen snow. The Blue Cooler held the snow perfectly for four days until we could gather with family and have a genuine snowball fight in South Texas! I'm completely satisfied with the performance and price point of Blue Coolers and will purchase more in the near future!

Great Coolers

Purchased two for the price of one Yeti, Blue quality and features are equal or better. Thanks Blue!

Excellent cooler. 3 flights and a boat ride to our destination and the cooler was in perfect condition and the food was still frozen 5 days later.

Filled them full of wild pig meet and ice. Drove back from South Carolina to Pennsylvania. 12 hours later it didn't even look like any of the ice melted. Great coolers. Super strong ! Love them 💕

A great cooler

I traveled three days with frozen meat in this cooler. I did not put any ice in it. Meat was still frozen.

Blue Cooler

Arrived on time. We look forward to their use.



Great product

This has everything you need for a 3 day emergency. All you need to pack is clothes and you are good!!

Great Cooler

Love my Blue Coolers, this will make a total of three I own. RTIC SUX

Wonderful Cooler

Honestly performed perfectly. Couldn't be happier with the performance.

Cold as ice

Great cooler. Performed great.

Great cooler

Still trying them out just took the 30 Q out for the weekend works great wish I had purchased the one with wheels will be using the 55Q and 100 Q this summer

Great for Southwest heat.

I live in Smiley Texas. I work in South and West Texas. I have a daughter that lives in Arizona and Mom misses her dearly. As a result, coolers are a huge factor-when we go to town to shop, and when we hit the road. I got the 30 & 100 qt. bundle because the '30' would fit in the back seat of my truck and the '100' would handle a trip to HEB. We had another well known brand in 45 qt. that works well, but not as well as these have. We've had them about 9 months now and they've been to all parts Texas, as well as a 5 day road trip to Phoenix. They've never failed to keep things cold and (still frozen when we unpacked in Phoenix) with minimal icepack loss. The '100' is heavy; once it's filled with groceries it's almost a 2 person job to transport it. However, they're well worth the investment, because like others have said, "I got 2 for the price of 1!"

Perhaps the best made ever.

Excellent quality, excellent price

great coolers alittle heavey

30 Qt Cooler

This is a fantastic Cooler. Travelled over the Christmas Holidays everything stayed chilled with ice from the first day. The basket and divider for the 30 quart cooler are great accessories. All around great cooler.