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This cooler was the perfect size for our needs. And is a great part of our camping gear

55 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler - Blue Coolers
Larry Murphy (Kansas City, MO, US)

Don’t know what I expected but this cooler is heavy and awkward for a 72 year old fella to move around. Specifically I store this cooler on the top shelf of a steel shelving fixture in my basement. I have to lift over my head-not easy. I know I could just move to a lower shelf-but you get the idea.

NTPC Customized - 16 Quart Soft Sided Cooler from Blue Coolers

55 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler - Blue Coolers
Delbert Friesen (Bellevue, NE, US)

Although well made, the ice only lasts about 2-3 days. It's better than a $20 cooler, but I'm not sure if it's worth the price.

55 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler - Blue Coolers
Just fit our space perfectly & Kept Beer Cold👍🏼

we needed a particular dimension to fit underneath our fifth wheel storage and some thing that worked well and held ice for a long time this BLUE COLER was the perfect fit…Thank you ❗️

Best cooler I’ve ever had perfect size, portable wheels great, cold for days!

Damn good cooler

I've used this several times already. Everything i put in there started nice and cold for days.

Front of the Line Service
Michael Detten (The Villages, FL, US)
Best all the way around company and service 💯

I work outside in Leesburg FL and in houses with no AC and have tried some of the most expensive coolers not one lasting 4 day's of ice so I tried Blue 55 and the ice with employees going in and out of the cooler all day last 6 7 day's of coldness that I thought was impossible I'd like to thank everyone who helped make the greatest cooler for , service and price thank you and keep I'll never buy anything except Blue cooler products again 💯

55 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler - Blue Coolers
Charles Watkins (Cypress, TX, US)
Tough Cooler

This is one tough cooler! I love that it keeps ice and that food stays cold for so long, but the tough rubber feet and strong rope handles, really make it special.
I'm ordering another one, maybe 2.. You have to release suction on the lid if you cant open it, by opening the drain valve-that is vacuum sealed ice! It has sat in the hot 103* west Texas sun for days and keeps ice and keeps my stored meats, cold. I'm definitely a repeat customer!

Great soft cooler

Used it for the first time going from Jersey to obx, kept everything cold until the next day when I emptied it, still had frozen water bottles, went beyond my expectations, will purchase another one


Too heavy

Front of the Line Service
Peter Hallenius (Gresham, OR, US)
Great cooler

I purchased the 100 and 30 quart blue coolers for a great price. I would highly recommend the blue coolers. I used the 100 quart going on a 8 day road trip in 90 to over 100 degree Temps. I cooled the cooler down topped off the ice and used it for my drinks. I opened it probably 10 times a day and the ice was good for about 4 days. I drained the water and added more ice and it lasted another 2-3 days before draining and filling with more ice. My brother in law used it hunting in September in Oregon and he used block and crushed ice with minimal melting while cooler was in direct sunlight. Then he used it 2 more times hunting and had little to no melting. He will be purchasing one after this experience. I have used the 30 quart and it does great as well. Have a great day and may God bless you.

Blue revue

A friend of mine and I went on a trip to Ontario fishing , and packed all our cold/ frozen food in my Big Blue . It kept things perfectly cold for 3 days . However, when I pulled it out of the truck , one wheel had fallen off . I put it back on , but , not the ideal thing to have happen on its first trip to the wilderness! The cooler performed as advertised.

Make a cooler that Actually works

How many people do you know actually pretty cool there it’s just I don’t know anybody we just put ice on them and go and it supposed to last two or three days just like a fucking cooler is it works

Missed the wheels

Good product I got sent the wrong cooler wish I had the wheels. Was offered a replacement but needed to use the cooler for party’s.

Blue Seventy-Two Family Pack - 4 x 3 Day Emergency Kits for 1 Person

Love my blue cooler.. I bring it on my boat.. I bring it to work.. pretty much never without it
Great value & awesome quality🤘

Best bang for the buck

Great quality. Competitively priced.
Holds ice for a long time.

Very good quality

We had a 2-week road trip this summer. The cooler was holding ice for days. Put a 10lbs ice in prior 24-hrs of trip for pre-cooling is recommended.

Great cooler, but...

It is a great cooler, but it is not without it's flaws. Firstly, we put four bags of ice in it as soon as we got it, just to see. It held ice for about 8 days. It was inside, however. Our longest trip so far was 4 days camping. We were not without ice. It held it great and kept everything we needed cold. The two flaws that I see, for us, is the rubber feet. I see the reason they are there, but it does not work for us. We have a slightly lifted truck and need it to slide in and out of the bed easily. The feet prevent sliding. I have to crawl into the bed of the truck to get the cooler out. The second flaw, if one can consider it a flaw, is the vacuum created inside the cooler when the lid is closed. I understand that, as well. It is just science and it really speaks to the great quality of the cooler. It does not leak air into the cooler, but it is nearly impossible to open the lid without unscrewing the drain plug to release the vacuum. It is not so much a flaw as it it is an annoyance. Neither, however, would stop me from buying this cooler again. As I said, they aren't really flaws, they just don't work for us. What is is supposed to do is hold ice and keep things cold over a long period of time; it does that exceptionally well.

Great cooler !!

Great coolers and Excellent customer service.
I would purchase again.

NTPA. Customized 30

Cooler works great, I absolutely love it. The only thing, I would recommend the next time you do a promotion with a logo. Make the engraving stand out. On your advertisement it looks like a silver finish. Make it a silver finish that’s what sold me. When I was out attending the bowling green tractor pole general topic based off the engraving on the cooler was you couldn’t see it very well. I think you’d sell more if it stood out and maybe you may want to think about coming up with a decal the size of the engraving to put it over top of it. It would be a great idea two send out a decal to the ones that purchased one. as it’s hard to see the logo from Bowling Green tractor pull on the top. People like to show off things. By them doing that, it may increase your sales.

Front of the Line Service
Josh Carter (West Valley City, UT, US)
Solid coolers

Coolers are beefy. Well insulated. We froze grab and put it on ice in Oregon 5 days later we reached our home in Utah the grab was still frozen. Make sure to drain the little water out twice a day and no issues

Best Purchases Ever Made

The cooler was more than I expected. Took it on its first holiday and could not believe how cold everything stayed. We actually on day 3 still had frost in our chicken. Unbelievable, the first morning I had milk in my cereal and it was ice cold not luke warm, felt like I was at home and just took it out of the fridge. The staff I dealt with on ordering were super friendly and helpful. I will be telling all my friends and family about these awesome coolers. Thank you

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Richard Russell (Grand Blanc, MI, US)

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