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60 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler with Wheels
Christopher Hiller (Hatfield, PA, US)
Best cooler I’ve owned

Great job designing this cooler. The wheels are a game changer. I’ve had so many compliments on my 60 Qt Blue cooler. Thanks!

60 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler with Wheels
Mindy Belisle (Lethbridge, AB, CA)

60 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler with Wheels

Very nice cooler

The cooler is solidly made with a very good seal on the lid. We have used it a couple of times and it works as advertised by holding ice for days. Very happy with it so far and still happy about the price.

It is so bright led lights better than old Coleman cooler light, more sturdy and shatterproof.

Best cooler ever

This cooler held ice for our entire 7-day Canada fishing trip with enough ice leftover to keep the fish cool for the ride home. I currently have two of these coolers and their worth the money. The wheels make the cooler entirely mobile and easy to move.

60 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler with Wheels
Steven Hourscht (Big Lake, MN, US)
Ice time

Put it side by side old igloo. Added same amount of ice. Ice melted just as fast as igloo. Like capacity and wheels.

Cobalt 25 Quart Roto-Molded Super Cooler
Wil Duncan (Greenville, NC, US)
Not quite as advertised

I like the size and weight of my Blue cooler. Good size for keeping drinks handy while camping. I was at Silver Falls SP camping for three days and went through 21 pounds of ice. So where does the 10 day of holding ice come from? This was not my experience. For reference, I kept my cooler latched when I was not removing drinks, kept it in the shade by moving it around as needed, and did not drain the melted ice except when I added additional ice. Four day, 21 pounds of ice.

So, the verdict is I like my new cooler, but will not by another Blue cooler as my RTIC does a better job of holding ice Oh, my RTIC cooler did not need the ice refreshed on this trip. I kept my meat, condiments, and salad stuff in this cooler.

So my final thought is that blue does a decent job of keeping drinks cool, it I will not trust it with my meat, condiments, or salad makings for more than an overnight trip.

Great Cooler

I am happy with my Cobalt Blue Cooler. It has kept the ice frozen even in some very hot temperatures this summer. Definitely was worth the purchase for me.

Only cooler I’ll buy from now on

My frozen water bottles were still at least 80% frozen after a week of camping. Easily outperformed the other yeti, rtic and igloo coolers that were at the site.

Cobalt 37 Quart Weekender Cooler
Michelle DeMarco (Asheville, NC, US)
Love this cooler!!!

After doing my research, this cooler won out- especially for it’s price range. It is the perfect size for my solo car camping trips with my dog whose food must be refridgerated as well. With the right extra cold reusable ice packs,and pre-chilling, my food remains cold and sometimes even frozen for up to 3 days, and up to 4 very cold. This size would be great for 2 people for a weekend outing, or more for one day. It is sturdy, well built and insulated and I love the easy open latches - no more fighting with the cooler lid! I am very happy with this purchase and relieved to know my food is safe when I am out exploring

110 Quart Ark Series Roto-Molded Wheeled Cooler
Mike Clements (Denham Springs, LA, US)
Good cooler

Went on a weeklong camping trip in Gulf Shores, Alabama with temps in the high 90s every day for the entire week. The cooler didn’t hold ice for 10 days, but it did hold ice for five days which was impressive, and it sat in the back of my truck in the sun the entire time. The cooler arrived with the handle damaged, I emailed the company and they shipped me out a replacement very quickly. This thing is massive and well built. I’m satisfied with my purchase and have zero regrets.

Cobalt 37 Quart Weekender Cooler
Customer (Dallas, TX, US)

Great cooler. Works great for the boat

Solid Investment

We’re thrilled that everything stays cold. Very solid construction. Only concern is the overall weight when filled. I guess that’s a tradeoff - function and durability for a little extra weight.

Cobalt 55 Quart Roto-Molded Super Cooler
Bellaluca (South Park Township, PA, US)
Blue Cooler

Used the Blue Colbolt Cooler to take frozen prepared meals on a trip. The food was kept frozen on very hot days and later the cooler was used as an ice chest for cubes and water bottles- very pleased with the purchase- so I purchased the smaller cooler upon return. Amazing product!

Cobalt 37 Quart Weekender Cooler
Dolly (Oklahoma City, OK, US)
Does what they say it will do.

Perfect for traveling. Ice lasts 3 to 4 days before you have to drain a small amount of water and more ice! Only thing I wish it had was a drain spout on it!
Otherwise it’s great!

30 Quart Companion Series Roto-Molded Cooler
Don Quenneville (Attleboro, MA, US)
A Great Cooler

This is an outstanding cooler. I bought the 30 Quart cooler and am very pleased with my purchase. It keeps items cold for a very long period of time. 8 days is when I pulled my final item from the cooler and it was still very cold!

Cobalt Soft Sided Cooler Tote
Sean kidd (Rushville, IN, US)
Decent cooler

I like the handles, drain plug and rubber clasps to close but it just doesn't keep ice like it was stated. A bag is thawed out in a couple hours at most while it was stated it would hold ice for days!!

Accessory - Universal Auto-Off Interior Cooler Light Kit
Charles Wienrank (Springfield, IL, US)
Missing light kit

I purchased the accessory bundle with my cooler but the light kit was missing from my order. I have made repeated attempts to get a refund or just get the light kit sent to me to no avail. I do not recommend purchasing from this company.

Rubber latch already broke

Overall pretty good cooler. I have the 2.0 55 wheeled cooler. Used very little but 1 latch already broke during neighborhood 4th of July party. We have hundreds of people in our neighborhood who ask about my cooler. I was in charge of storing the grilling meats for our huge July 4 party. This wasn't a good look for the Blue Cooler brand. I looked for replacement latches but they are not available. Not sure I can recommend and purchase coolers for our HOA in the future.

60 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler with Wheels
Kristi Paull (Tualatin, OR, US)
Great cooler!!!

We are glad we bought one with wheels. We have a truck with a cover and it’s nice to be able to roll it. I’d go blue again. 💙.

30 Quart Companion Series Roto-Molded Cooler
Kevin Turner (Crystal Lake, IL, US)
Biue cooler

Great cooler.

Cobalt 37 Quart Weekender Cooler
Kevin Goff (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Cobalt 37

This was a freebie from a promo. I bought an ARK 110. The Cobalt is a solid overnighter but not much more. Ice melted fairly fast. It’s a nice size for groceries or a take to the pool cooler.

Never got my my item the tracking never really updated. It’s been over a seven day. Period and nothing takes that long to get from Utah to Alabama Alabama.

60 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler
Jeff Williams (Orem, UT, US)
Quality is decreasing

I absolutely love my 55q 2.0, my 60q 3.0 lid warps after being outside for like 5 minutes. It breaks the seal and they're just not as good as they used to be.