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Not impressed so far

I’ve only received my 30Q and still waiting on my wheeled 55Q. The finish on the product is very disappointing. Not sure if the molds are poor or just poor product and no quality control. Where the straps connect looks like its been beaten up and the finish is a horrible haze look. Looking at the pics on website closely see the same on other grey ones. Went to stores and looked at Yeti’s and other brands and don’t see this issue. Sad for the money you pay for the product to have it look 5 plus years old brand new. Emailed company and their response is minor imperfections is normal and it looks like shipping damage. OK - see what the second cooler looks like if it ever shows up.

Cooler with wheels

Cooler with wheels we’ve been hauling this around on our vacation for over a week in the back of a jeep we are extremely happy with it and would definitely recommend it is very comparable to my friend YETI that he is using in the back of his cannot tell a difference

Awesome coolers

I had a 145 quart yeti and it was just too big for what we use it for. We got the 100 quart blue cooler and it was perfect size. We went to commissary for our monthly grocery trip an hour away , didn't buy ice just put frozen items on top of meats and even in back of my truck under a tonneau cover got home everything was still frozen and naturally meat was cold as well. I have talked up your coolers to everyone we know...


Granted I bought the cooler in the middle of winter and have not yet had a chance to test it out properly, I'm impressed with the durability and all the handy gadgets. I can't wait to take it camping!


Brought it down from Michigan to Florida. Was still full ice for 4 days and dumped it just to refresh. Perfect.

Yeti who

Why would you purchase the other guy simply for the name......matched it in every test

Best bang for the buck

Received my cooler and accessory kit and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Quality and Value are spot on and I look forward to many years of service from them.

30 qt Blue Cooler

Awesome little cooler. High quality, outstanding performance and great value!

Great cooler and customization

Love these coolers. The logo came out great.

Awesome cooler

Best cooler I have owned. Quality is beyond expectations. Great job!!!

Great Cooler

We've been to Valley of Fire, Death Valley, Alabama Hills, and recently completed the Mojave Road trip with our cooler. We're so use to having thin walled coolers that require ice every day, that we're wasting ice. We buy a bag, and only use 1/2 of the bag to top off every 3 or so days while out in the desert, when we could wait longer to add more ice. We picked up the bundle with the cooler optimization kit, which has made organizing, food prep, and use of the cooler a lot easier. Only issue we ran into was a pebcak issue, where after crossing mountains then heading back to sea level, we couldn't open the lid because the seal was holding so tight. Just unscrew the drain plug to let air in, and it opens as expected. Great cooler at a great price.

Big & Small Bundle - 100Q + 30Q

LOVE THESE!!! One for the camper and the small one stays in the SUV.

Blue Coolers 2.0 - 30 Quart Starter Bundle - Accessories

Just okay

A bit heavy, plus when you use it (open & close) the ice last about the same as any ice chest I have.

top tier cooler and an excellent value

First, I did not fill the cooler to the top with crushed ice, put a beer in the ice and watch the ice melt. I use the cooler to transport food to and from my sail boat. While I think there are a lot of excellent coolers available, I choose the Blue cooler because it had a very reasonable price and the dimensions were prefect for use as a seat for my salon and deck tables; different heights. I filled the cooler with 4 frozen half gallon juice bottles. The weather tempature average for 5 days was between 40 and 70 degrees. The cooler with mostly out of direct sunlight. When I packed the cooler I put frozen food on the bottom along with a half gallon of milk. Fresh vegetables were on top. The next day, the milk was like ice slush; impressive! However the vegetables were cool but not cold enough. I placed an ice pack in the basket and seem to improve the overall coolness (likely not a word). Block ice remains frozen longer then crushed ice but does not keep things as cold. However, most of the ice remained after 5 days. The build quality is great and it keeps food cold. The Blue cooler is a top tier cooler and an excellent value! One suggestion, because I am a cruiser and I see plastic destroyed by the sun all the time, I need to find a cover to protect the cooler from direct sunlight.

Hi 5 on your 55!

This cooler is exceeded my expectations. I wish you'll have the 100 qtz with wheels too.

Great Cooler

This cooler is better than the Yeti I own. Great quality and reasonable price.

Nice addition to the cooler.

Keeps items from slipping around. Can use a cutting board placed on top of the non skid cooler pad to cut limes for margaritas! Or to set my margarita down without worrying about it sliding off the plastic and falling in the sand.

Arctic White 55 Quart Wheeled Combo Pack
A++ coolers!!

I bought two as a last years model package. I loved em. Soooo I got the one with wheels too. No more carrying a full cooler.
They hold ice in south Florida for a week no problem. Great boating coolers.

Arctic White 55 Quart Wheeled Combo Pack

Looks great hope it’s as good as they say but haven’t used it yet

Customization is AWESOME!!

We customized various tumblers and flasks and they were AWESOME!! Everyone loves them and we keep getting asked when we will order more. Process with Blue Cooler was so easy too! Marcus is really great to work with.

Good cooler, good customer service.

Love the cooler. Had a small problem with the light accessory that was promptly taken care of.

Great accessory

Great accessories

True to Blue

Our Blue cooler is the BEST! It keeps ice for days. We use our cooler every day It is the best cooler we have ever owned. It has a nice tight seal. Would recommend them