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Cobalt 55 Quart Roto-Molded Super Cooler
Thomas Jepsen (Phoenix, AZ, US)
It’s blue

I’ve only used it once it’s not hot weather yet but you wanna review here it is. It works good so far when it’s cold outside haven’t had a chance to use it in warm weather.

Works for the first gen

I bought this basket for my first gen blue cooler and it fits perfectly

Best cooler!

We have had many other top end coolers. This by far is the best.


Roto Molded Cooler + Free Soft Sided Backpack Cooler

It's Perfect

We love that it's big lots of room.easier for me that I'm disabled. Yes it's heavy but that's fine no biggie. Thank you blue coolers

Arrived on time and worked as expected.

30 Quart Companion Cooler Starter Bundle - Accessories
Deanna DeBruler (Green Bay, WI, US)
Love it!

Perfect for UTV rides, sturdy and keeps ice very well. Would highly recommend.

I really like it.

Cobalt 55 Quart Roto-Molded Super Cooler
Roe Gammon (Garden City, MO, US)
Everything we need

It keeps things cold for a looong time and stands up to rugged use. Love it!

60 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler with Wheels
Paul Baron (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Incredible coolers

we use these for shipping soil samples across the world that require the temperature to be maintained below 4 degrees C, these coolers do the job every time

30 Quart Companion Series Roto-Molded Cooler
Kevin Tran (Rosemead, CA, US)
Good cooler. HORRIBLE Customer Service

So this cooler is a great cooler in terms of it's function. I am a previous buyer of their bigger cooler and it is great. Definitely does the job in terms of keeping things cold.

With that being said, couple things that I didn't expect.
The cooler's exterior looks very deceiving because it actually looks like a larger cooler. Then you open it up, the inside bay is pretty small. It was partly my fault because I didn't do enough research and didn't really read the dimensions of interior and exterior till after received it.

I tried reaching out to customer service to see if I can exchange or return it but I got no response. Their chat box was offline. It said to leave a message so I did. I reached out more than once on their customer service website and got no response. I tried searching them on facebook and no response. I still get ads and emails for sales but in terms their customer service, NOTHING.
I paid a premium price for this cooler, the least I could get is a response.

So some advice for people looking to buy a cooler from this company. Make sure you are 100% sure you want to buy a cooler because you will not get a response from them.

100 Quart Ark Series Roto-Molded Cooler
Jon Cradit (San Marcos, TX, US)
But what about the staff

Okay, Everyone knows the cooler is the best, BUT, so is the staff.
The staff is great. We were leaving for a long cross country trip and the warehouse was out of coolers. My cooler would get to my house about on the day we were leaving. We might miss it. I asked if they could ship it to a different address ahead of us and they said they could. We were on the road and everything went sideways and we weren't going to get there. I called them from the road and asked if they could change that delivery address a third time. They did and it found us on the other side of the country. Great folks. Cool cooler.
J Caver

Very good quality... heavy duty

Roto Molded Cooler + Free Soft Sided Backpack Cooler
stanley wolcott (Ringgold, GA, US)
Best cooler I have ever owned

Arrived in great shape
Excellent quality
Holds ice as good as any roto moleded cooler

Great product

Great product! What an ingenious concept to have the automatic on off gravity switch. The first one I received was not working correctly. I emailed customer service and a new one was shipped out to me that same day. Great company! I will happily do business with them again!

60 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler with Wheels
George Ribner (North Brunswick, NJ, US)
Great cooler, great customer service

We camp, sometimes two weeks at a time. Purchased two of these coolers, a 110 quart with wheels and a 60 with wheels. Love them both. Lids much easier to open then some of the other brands. Hold ice great. Noticed a bubble on the lid of the 60. Reached out to customer service, sent them a picture, hoping to get a replacement lid and they sent me a complete new cooler.

110 Quart Ark Series Roto-Molded Wheeled Cooler
Aaron Miller (Milwaukee, WI, US)
Love it

Great size, lots of room. Not super heavy, good accessories, good latches.

ok at best

the 110Q worked and held ice for over a week. It was filled full with ice and product. Now the 25Q, did not do a good job at all. I should not have spent the money. Maybe you can send me a substitute. we had the 25Q filled with sodas and ice. the ice had to be replaced the next day. It was all melted. yes the plug was in and the lid closed, plus it was 38 degrees that night. not happy



Cobalt 55 Quart Roto-Molded Super Cooler
Tai Vu (Sacramento, CA, US)
Cobalt 55qt

Got it at discounted price. A bucket of ice from home refrigerator lasted 3 days with some cubes floating (~30% from original) in new year time and cooler was left outside.
Abit heavy to carry around since it has no built in wheels.

Accessory - Dry Basket for 30 Quart Coolers
Tom Rogers (Stuart, FL, US)
Love the basket!

The dry basket fit like a glove and works as it should!