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Awesome cooler

This cooler is the perfect size for a day at the lake in the boat. It’s not too heavy and has lots of room to fill it up. I am very impressed with the quality of the cooler and I love the grey color.

30 Quart Companion Cooler

Well built sturdy cooler. Plan to use it on day fishing trips this summer. Would definitely recommend this cooler.

Ice Never Melts

So cool (pun intended) to have the Blue Cooler with my fav team's logo!

Great Experience on the Grand Canyon

Met the Blue Cooler guys at a music festival in West Virginia a few years ago. Was impressed with the display products and with talking to the guys representing Blue Coolers.

Finally got our Grand Canyon trip putting on in December 2021. I bought a 110, 2 55s, and a 30 for the trip. We had several 65-70 degree days but still had ice at the takeout in all our Blue Coolers after 20 days of packing our food and beverages. Had another brand where the ice was gone around day 10.

Great product at a great price!


Great cooler, but need the extras for it.

Good cooler - got stolen

Used the cooler 1 time and was happy with it as it was a holiday gift for my husband. 1 week later it was stolen out of our locked truck bed. Moral of the story….expensive coolers are a target.

Great Cooler

This was a gift to my daughter-in-law for her birthday. Great construction and loved the sturdiness of the wheels. The Marine Grade Topper is a must. Will be great for tail gating.

30 Quart Companion Roto-Molded Cooler - Blue Coolers

What are real dimensions

Photo in add shows interior dimensions as 12.5 inches by 12.5 inches by 13 inches which calculates to 2,112.5 cubic inches (36.5 quarts), but photo says it calcs to 3,176 cubic inches (55 quarts) - discrepancy is huge - what are the actual interior dimensions?

Great for the flats boat

Water and beer stayed ice cold

Nice quality cooler with NTPC love

*Update to review 1/2022 - photos now match actual unit delivered (logo with no handle). Still five stars!

Cooler is nice quality and simple. Zipper has small teeth and labeled as waterproof but I haven’t verified yet. Zipper is hard to pull open/close but not unlike other coolers of this caliber. Sad there is no lube stick included unlike other brands. Biggest downfall is the product photos and description are incorrect. I did receive the National Tractor Pulling Championship embossed cooler BUT it is a 22 quart NOT 16 quart like described and it does NOT have a handle on the lid like the photos show. Disappointed in these two things as they were a major selling point for me. Still a good cooler if you are looking for the larger size without a lid handle.


how long you going to warranty the zipper?Its pretty hard to pull maybe with time it will free up a little.Far as size and working well keeping my beer cold works great

30 Quart Companion Roto-Molded Cooler - Blue Coolers
David Mann (Salt Lake City, UT, US)
30 Quart Companion Roto-Molded Cooler - Blue Coolers

Great cooler! I ordered my cooler right before Blue Cooler offered a free tumbler with a cooler purchase as a Christmas special. Wished I would have waited for the special.

Great cooler BUT

I ordered the cooler in August and received it in November. I knew it would be a while because it was out of stock. When I got it it was perfect.
Awesome investment.
The issue I had/have was the Fed Ex bill that came with it. I was told shipping to Canada would be an extra $20.00 which was fair. I just received a bill from Fed Ex for $115.00.
Wasn’t planning on that.
Could have bought a Yeti for that money!

30 Quart Companion Roto-Molded Cooler - Blue Coolers

Great cooler. It keeps stuff cool.

Trip to Texas

Each winter my wife and I spend 2 months in Texas. We take 3 1/2 days in travel.
I also like to fish and last year I was blessed and had a good amount of frozen fish to bring home. Using our old camping cooler Upon arrival home some of the fish was defrosted. So I researched coolers and purchased a 100 Quart Ark Series Cooler.
WE traveled down to Texas where it was in the 80's for two days of our travel, with frozen meat for our stay, steaks, roasts, lamb chops etc.
I used 1 five pound bag of ice in the bottom of the cooler. Added the meat, then inside to take up some space at the top I added a folded blanket, shut and sealed the lid.
Upon arrival everything was frozen, even the ice did not melt but a slight bit.
I LOVE THIS COOLER. if I could give it 10 stars I would.

Great cooler with wheels

I was needing a cooler with wheels that would hold a lot and be mobile. This cooler is perfect for my needs.

Nice product

Too Expensive

Great cooler

Well made, nice size, holds ice for days. Would buy again. Hopefully Blue Coolers will make one a little smaller.

Best Cooler I've had in a long time

We used it for a 4 day camping trip and kept everything cold. I followed the instructions and put ice in it the day before, then the day of after packing the cooler. We didn't have to refill it with ice the entire trip and we still had Ice in it 2 days after the trip! Great buy!

Very nice cooler and accessories

Really like my new cooler. The wheels roll great and the handle makes it easy to maneuver. Spent 4 days hunting and had to dump out most of the ice afterwards. The basked was great for keeping my items out of the ice (not enough water after 4 days to worry about). The cutting board divider was great for keeping the drinks and food separate and was very helpful when preparing meals. Grabbing a drink at night in the woods is made much easier with the automatic light. All in all, very pleased with the quality of my cooler and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great cooler!

16 Qt

This is a convenient day type cooler. Fits in the car easily and not extremley heavy. Ice melt depends on how much you open the lid. I'd recomend this cooler.

Awesome coolers!

Coolers keeps everything cold works great especially in summer. May not hold ice for 10 days in summer but definitely keeps everything cold and everyone happy with cold drinks.