Cooler Accessories

Want to optimize the performance of your Blue Cooler?  Below you will find a collection of Blue Coolers accessories that have been custom designed for your Blue Cooler products.  Have questions or can't find what you are looking for?  Call us at 866.474.2583 or email us at

6 products found in Cooler Accessories

Accessory - Universal Blue Coolers Tie-Down Kit
  • $24.99

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Accessory - Custom Fit Non-Skid Cooler Toppers by DEKit - 55 Quart Cooler
  • $89.99

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Accessory - Complete Cooler Optimization Kit - Blue Coolers
  • From $49.99
Accessory - Blue Coolers Interior Divider / Cutting Board
  • From $17.99
Accessory - Blue Cooler Dry Basket
  • From $19.99

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Accessory - Universal Cooler Lock Kit
  • $19.99