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Companion Series

# of Cans at 2:1 ice ratio: 24-26 cans


  • 30 Quart True Interior Volume

  • Mid-sized option for outdoor adventuring or casual outings

  • Weighs about 21 pounds

Ice Vault Series

# of Cans at 2:1 ice ratio: 48-52 cans


  • 60 Quart True Interior Volume

  • Comes in wheeled and non-wheeled options

  • Weighs about 30 pounds

Ark Series

# of Cans at 2:1 ice ratio: 88-95 cans


  • 110 Quart True Interior Volume

  • Comes in wheeled and non-wheeled options

  • Weighs about 40 pounds

We packed tons of features into our coolers and still charge up to 40% less than the leading brand. 

"Little Features Like..."

Easy Haul Wheels

Built-in Bottle Opener

Pressure Release Valve

Easy Latch System

Removable Tether Handles

And Much More...

The Little Things that Make a Blue Cooler Different

The Little Things that Make Buying from Blue Big


  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Free & Fast Shipping

  • 40% Less Than the Leading Brand

  • Unrivaled Quality

  • New & Improved Features & Design

  • 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

How Focusing on the Little Things Separate us Big from the Competition

Customer Reviews

Based on 420 reviews
Excellent customer service

I have had the 2.0 cooler for about 3 years now. We use it once a week at a local water park. The cooler stays in the back of my truck for days on end. Not only does it keep ice as advertised (with prechilling), but it handles all the abuse you throw at it. We had one of the rubber latches break after using it for 3 solid years. The company sent me a new rubber latch no questions asked. Such a better experience then other brands.

Jesse mcgregor (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Good cooler and great customer service

Good looking cooler and seals air tight, great customer service to go with it.

Mellissa Gilbert (Birmingham, AL, US)
Love this cooler

Keeps cold, wheels are great, good price. Only regret it my previous other brand purchase!

Nick S (Plainfield, IL, US)
Pretty good cooler

Very nice looking cooler and very affordable compared to similar coolers on the market. Only downside I would say is the ice retention is not as good as advertised. I know these types of coolers should be pre chilled prior to ice placement for maximum ice retention, however even without I would expect more than 2 full days of ice. Last two trips the ice was gone by the morning of day 3 and the cooler was stored in a garage out of the sun. Although the ice was gone the water left was still chilled. Overall I’m still happy with the purchase just don’t actually expect anywhere near 10 days of ice.

Kevin A Cherrington (Naples, FL, US)
Great Cooler

Holds ice great, we used it at the beach for a long 4 day weekend and never had to add ice. Great puurchase. Highly recommend

Travis Metcalf (Charlotte, NC, US)
Amazing cooler

This cooler is everything they said it would be and more. So happy that I choose this over a Yetti. Customer service is is great. Cooler is great. Win Win

John (Baltimore, MD, US)
Better than Yeti

Best cooler available. Holds ice a very long time, and is solid as a rock. Very high quality, but very heavy. Wheels and handle work well, and make transport pretty easy, but very heavy to lift. Latches are better design and easier to use than Yeti. Blue cooler is truly the best cooler you can buy.

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