And the winner of our Blue Cooler giveaway is...

Craig Sanford!


in the spirit of good ol’ 21 st century competition, isn’t “Everyone a Winner?” Well, at least for today the answer is “YES!” As we get our humble little company with a great big idea up and running, we feel like each of you have played a part. Therefore, we do not want anyone to walk away empty handed. See below to find an unprecedented, limited-time Blue Cooler pre-launch offer that cannot be beat:


We brought in a limited quantity of these special edition coolers for this exclusive early season offer. Once they are gone, they are gone, so don’t hesitate and place your order NOW!

Guaranteed to ship in 2 days!

Have you ever seen a cooler keep ice for 10 days?!

Watch for yourself and see how a Blue Cooler stacks up against the leading brand in a 3rd party test.

Blue Cooler

Traditional Cooler

Not all coolers are created, or even measured equal.

We don’t want you to be confused so we have simplified it for you.

Blue Coolers are the best value on the market hands down!

Blue Coolers are Perfect for all your outdoor activities

go have fun!

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