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30 Quart Companion Cooler Starter Bundle - Accessories

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This bundle includes all the below items necessary to optimize the performance of your 30Q Companion Series cooler:

  • Divider/Cutting Board
  • Dry Basket
  • LED Light Kit
  • Lock Kit
  • Extra Drain Cap
Oh, and to top it all off we are offering FREE SHIPPING! 

Tough, versatile, stylish and cold. The Blue Companion 30 Quart cooler is best in class in durability and its ability to keep ice up to 10 days. This midsize cooler is the “go-to” option for serious outdoor adventuring or even casual picnics in the park. Simply, put this cooler can handle it all! Whether you are an outdoorsman, weekend warrior, tailgater or just like cold beer and soda, we know you will love it!

Typical Uses Include: wakeboarding, small game hunting, fishing, day trips, sporting events, outdoor concerts, family events, small backyard BBQ’s.


Features include: heavy duty wheels, easy transport folding handle, non-skid feet, lockable lid, freezer style gasket, sure-grip handles, rapid drain plug system, mold-in tie down slots, roto-molded construction and an industry leading 2” of insulation.

Product Warranty:  90-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee and 5 year parts and construction defect warranty.

Actual Interior Size: True 30 Quart Interior Volume   
Empty Weight: 21 lbs.  
# of Cans at 2:1 ice ratio: 24-26 cans


“I love my Blue Cooler! I travel a ton to fish all of my favorite destinations around the world and my cooler is always an absolute necessity when I’m on the road! The wheels are a game changer.”

Michelle Dalton @bombchelle_fishing

Customer Reviews

Based on 368 reviews
Deanna DeBruler (Green Bay, WI, US)
Love it!

Perfect for UTV rides, sturdy and keeps ice very well. Would highly recommend.

Kevin Tran (Rosemead, CA, US)
Good cooler. HORRIBLE Customer Service

So this cooler is a great cooler in terms of it's function. I am a previous buyer of their bigger cooler and it is great. Definitely does the job in terms of keeping things cold.

With that being said, couple things that I didn't expect.
The cooler's exterior looks very deceiving because it actually looks like a larger cooler. Then you open it up, the inside bay is pretty small. It was partly my fault because I didn't do enough research and didn't really read the dimensions of interior and exterior till after received it.

I tried reaching out to customer service to see if I can exchange or return it but I got no response. Their chat box was offline. It said to leave a message so I did. I reached out more than once on their customer service website and got no response. I tried searching them on facebook and no response. I still get ads and emails for sales but in terms their customer service, NOTHING.
I paid a premium price for this cooler, the least I could get is a response.

So some advice for people looking to buy a cooler from this company. Make sure you are 100% sure you want to buy a cooler because you will not get a response from them.

nick johnson
Very please

This cooler is very well made. No negatives whatsoever. Really like the latches as well

Tom Rogers (Stuart, FL, US)
Love my cooler!

I purchased this 30 quart cooler after purchasing the 60 quart cooler. I needed something that would fit better into a smaller vehicle and this one does. It's an excellent product put together extremely well!

William Murphy (Williamsburg, VA, US)
Best cooler we have owned

There is a noticeable difference with ice lasting longer. We really like the latches and the 30 Quart was the perfect size for our Subaru Outback as we can open it in the car.


Would not recommend this cooler, or maybe even the company, the information about it is bs and it doesn't stay 10 days, it barely did 8hrs even after using a bunch of ice and frozen drinks to cool it down. When I went to the company it refused to refund me unless I babies it with like 10 steps. Only reason I got it because my friend had one that like vacuumed sealed and recommend the brand to me but not only could I not find that type of cooler, everything has just been bad quality so far

dave filkel

30 Quart Companion Series Roto-Molded Cooler

What is a roto-molded cooler and what is so great about them?

Roto-molded coolers are manufactured using a very specific rotational mold process wherein we utilize high end molded plastic (Polyethylene) that creates a continuous and thick cooler wall. This roto-molding process, combined with our extra thick and uninterrupted layers of insulation, ensures that Blue Coolers will keep your ice, drinks, food and whatever else, cold and fresh for the maximum amount of time. Moreover, you will not find a more durable, bear-proof cooler on the market.

Why are Blue Coolers so affordable compared to the leading brands?

We are a small family run company with minimal overhead and no expensive marketing campaigns, agencies, or celebrity endorsements.  We also strive to cut out all the middlemen in the supply chain process so we can bring our products to you as direct as possible.  As a result, we are able to sell high quality products at a combination of low price and high quality that is unmatched.

What is our warranty policy?

Blue Coolers offers a 100% satisfaction moneyback warranty for the first Ninety (90) days after purchase on all products sold (the “Initial Warranty”).  Customers may return their products for full refund with no questions asked anytime within the Initial Warranty period.  Blue Coolers further warrants (the “Extended Warranty”) that every hard-sided cooler sold will be free from manufacturers defects in material, structure, and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of Five (5) years from the date of purchase.  For soft-sided coolers and drinkware this Extended Warranty period is One (1) year from the date of purchase.  Warranty claims outside of the Initial Warranty Period, may be subject to restocking fees to cover the cost of shipping, handling and/or processing of the warranty request.  Blue Coolers also reserves the right to attempt to fix or remedy products during the Extended Warranty Period before full replacement is prescribed.  Finally, Blue Coolers will replace all functional and non-structural parts (e.g. rubber straps, logo sticker, rope handles, drain caps, chrome locking plates, hinges) for lifetime subject to a shipping and handling fee.  A restocking fee of ten percent (10%) may apply on any return during either the Initial Warranty or Extended Warranty periods.

How can I get the best ice retention from my cooler?

There are multiple ways to extend how many days you can get ice to last in your cooler. We have put together a resource for you at the link below with all the tips and tricks.



We offer the best value on the Market. Unbeatable performance at a reasonable price.

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