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Parts - Replacement Lock-Down Latches Blue V. 3.0 & Cobalt (2 pack)
Parts - Replacement Lock-Down Latches Blue V. 3.0 & Cobalt (2 pack)Parts - Replacement Lock-Down Latches Blue V. 3.0 & Cobalt (2 pack)
Small - 25 Quart CobaltLarge - All Other Sizes

Heavy-duty reinforced Blue Coolers branded lock down straps (2 pack).  Easily interchangeable and universally sized to fit with all Blue Coolers V. 3.0 models and Cobalt Coolers models.


NOTE 1:  Please make sure to select the appropriate size.  The Cobalt 25Q cooler uses a smaller latch than all other Blue 3.0 and Cobalt models.  


(NOTE 2:  These latches are not compatible with any Blue 3.0 model or Cobalt model coolers)

Customer Reviews

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Jesse Wilson (Port Angeles, WA, US)
Sizeable baskets and cutting board, but...

Baskets are ill-fitting. A bit too large for their designated position and will not seat well on the ledges. They "pop-up" out of place instead of sitting down in the cooler. I added over six pounds of food to one basket and they still would not stay in place, possibly wearing on the plastic interior over time. Not a game changer, but expected better. One basket was simply too wide (front to back) and the other was too long and warped on the diagonal.

But truly happy with the cooler and the divider/cutting board.

Michael Putzier (Winona, MN, US)

No comment

Damian (Seattle, WA, US)
Design issue- Cap falls out and gets lost

I had to purchase a drain cap when it came loose and feel off my cooler. While the drain cap does work when installed, it should have some sort of "connector" so that it can be removed (or fall off) and still stay connected to the cooler. This would keep down on the cost of buying replacement parts and frustration to the consumer for have missing caps on their blue cooler.

Ray Iannuccillo (Johnston, RI, US)

Accessory - Universal Auto-Off Interior Cooler Light Kit

Jeffrey Jones (Ashburn, VA, US)
Great fit.

Easy to install. Great way to personalize the cppler

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