Parts - Replacement Rubber Lock-Down Latches (2 pack)
Parts - Replacement Rubber Lock-Down Latches (2 pack)

Heavy-duty reinforced Blue Coolers branded lock down straps (2 pack).  Easily interchangeable and universally sized to fit with all existing Blue Coolers 2.0 sizes (30Q, 55Q, 55Q with wheels, and 100Q).

Customer Reviews

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Lionel Nogue (San Antonio, TX, US)
Replaceable !!!!!!!

Same oem lid for a great price

Sean Bryant (Bakersfield, CA, US)
Made in the USA

Accessories fit so well. Great products from a great company. Keep it up.

Trace Myers (Santaquin, UT, US)
I love the Blue's

Each year I spend 60+ days on the water as a tournament bass angler. I have had the 100 qt. In temperatures over 100 degrees for five days straight and only had to replenish the ice one time. I added the accessory kit and " BAM" I have a mobile kitchen. I now own a cooler in every size. Thanks Blue Coolers for making my travels that much easier.

Sean Bryant (Bakersfield, CA, US)

Great idea and it works great. Divides great for keeping items separate and is great as a cutting board

Nicholas Hutloff (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Cool light, wish it was sturdier

This light is pretty nifty. It definitely does a great job illuminating the cooler and what’s in it. I think it could have been designed a bit better though. The plastic housing is not very sturdy and the battery compartment feels flimsy. So far haven’t had any issues but I feel like if the lid gets closed with the light on a drink or some ice one time it might be a goner. I wish it was made with a harder more trait isn’t plastic and had a more secure battery compartment. It does provide nice light though.

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