Front of the Line Service
Front of the Line Service

Need your product delivered in a rush but not quite enough to pay outrageous overnight shipping fees to FedEx.  Select our "Front of the Line" service and we will bump your order processing to the very top of the list and get your order shipped out of our warehouse ASAP.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Detten (The Villages, FL, US)
Best all the way around company and service 💯

I work outside in Leesburg FL and in houses with no AC and have tried some of the most expensive coolers not one lasting 4 day's of ice so I tried Blue 55 and the ice with employees going in and out of the cooler all day last 6 7 day's of coldness that I thought was impossible I'd like to thank everyone who helped make the greatest cooler for , service and price thank you and keep I'll never buy anything except Blue cooler products again 💯

Peter Hallenius (Gresham, OR, US)
Great cooler

I purchased the 100 and 30 quart blue coolers for a great price. I would highly recommend the blue coolers. I used the 100 quart going on a 8 day road trip in 90 to over 100 degree Temps. I cooled the cooler down topped off the ice and used it for my drinks. I opened it probably 10 times a day and the ice was good for about 4 days. I drained the water and added more ice and it lasted another 2-3 days before draining and filling with more ice. My brother in law used it hunting in September in Oregon and he used block and crushed ice with minimal melting while cooler was in direct sunlight. Then he used it 2 more times hunting and had little to no melting. He will be purchasing one after this experience. I have used the 30 quart and it does great as well. Have a great day and may God bless you.

Josh Carter (West Valley City, UT, US)
Solid coolers

Coolers are beefy. Well insulated. We froze grab and put it on ice in Oregon 5 days later we reached our home in Utah the grab was still frozen. Make sure to drain the little water out twice a day and no issues

Steven Little (Chandler, TX, US)
Blue coolers

Love the cooler, every bit as good as advertised!! Ha e bought 3 now, 30quart and 2-55 quarts. Love these products!

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