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If you have been looking for a VERY detailed review of our 60 Quart Ice Vault Cooler W/Wheels, look no further! Travis Gneiting at has taken the last three months to dive into the details of our best selling cooler. In Travis's words "I have been using the blue cooler for the last couple months on biking trips, camping trips and soccer games. After using many other coolers in the past, having the wheels on the cooler make all the difference for one person being able to manage the cooler alone." See what else Travis has to say below.

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A walkaround of our #1 Selling Cooler


A cooler is meant to keep cold things cold, or even hot things warm. The Blue cooler does an amazing job at regulating temperatures. The construction is as rugged as any other roto-molded cooler on the market. The price and quality of a Blue cooler make them a win for a long-lasting cooler. Our personal experience, vast YouTube videos, and verified Amazon reviews indicate that Blue coolers are a very high-quality cooler and a reasonable price. Blue coolers have 77% 5-star reviews on Amazon with hundreds of happy customers. Yes, Blue coolers are very good coolers.

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