Smoked Ribs at 10,000ft

We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we provide. We are constantly talking about the two full inches of insulation our coolers provide, as well as the high-end lid seal, and tough rubber latches. Did you know that these features happen to be perfect for keeping things hot as well? We have countless BBQ fanatics talking about how well our cooler performs everywhere from competitions to the family backyard.


We love putting our coolers to the test. We came to the conclusion that if the cooler can keep the meat hot through a full day of high country snowmobiling, we would be very satisfied! We couldn't have been happier with the result! After smoking the ribs through the night, they were pulled off the smoker at 7am, wrapped in tinfoil, and set in our 30Q companion cooler. We loaded up and hit the road. By 9am we had the cooler mounted on the Blue Coolers sled and we were off! We rode hard in fresh powder. We hit jumps, hill climbs, and got stuck a few times. By 2pm the group was begging us to open the cooler and feast on what was inside. As we opened the cooler hot steam filled the cold air. Our eyes lit up as the smell of slow-smoked baby back ribs hit our nostrils. The tinfoil was peeled away to reveal the still hot racks. If you haven't enjoyed a hot meal at 10,000ft you should put it on your bucket list. There is something about it that just makes you savor the food that much more.

Check out the full video below!!