Blue Cooler Review – Solid Coolers with Excellent Price per Quart Ratio

Blue Cooler Review – Solid Coolers with Excellent Price per Quart Ratio

Thank you Greg from for taking the time to write this in-depth review:

"Blue Coolers isn’t just a cool company because of the name and logo. It was started by 2 cool family men who got tired of either having to pay a premium for a good cooler or having to settle for a mediocre cooler that didn’t quite do the job.

What they built instead was a premium cooler that didn’t make you wish you could steal it because of how impractically expensive buying it was."



Greg goes on to give a very in depth review of every feature and benefit of Blue Coolers.

Verdict on Blue coolers vs Yeti

"In terms of the basics, such as ice retention, build quality, and basic features, the Blue Cooler stands toe-to-toe with the Yeti.

In fact, it blows Yeti out of the water because it gives you all of these features at half of the price.

I would say to go for Blue Coolers if you’re looking for the perfect value proposition. If you want a high quality, long-lasting, and affordable cooler, then a Blue cooler may well be your best bet".




"Most of the other features are ones you would expect from any decent self-respecting cooler.

The gasket is freezer grade, the lid has rubber T-Latches for an extra tight seal, there is a large drain spout on the side for easy drainage when the ice melts, non-skid feet, lock plates on the lid in case you want to prevent ‘unauthorized entry’ into your cooler, integrated hinges that are unlikely to fail, strong handles made of nylon rope with a rubber grip handle, and overall good look".


Thank you Greg for such an in-depth review! We are very confident in the quality of our products. We appreciate the support of each and every one of our customers. To see Greg's full review check out the link below!

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