Blue Coolers Pro Team

Blue Coolers Pro Team

At Blue we consider our Pro Team to be a critical extension of our team. As such we look for like-minded individuals and companies to help promote our product and our brand.  

What Does Pro Team Mean?

Here at Blue Coolers we take pride in selling high quality products at an affordable price. As a member of the Blue Coolers Pro Team you become a part of our success. We look for like minded individuals that understand our target market and believe in our products. By joining our Pro Team you are literally joining a team! One of our favorite parts of this business is collaborating with our awesome partners and creating mutually beneficial relationships that can drive both our endeavors forward. We are open to your ideas and suggestions about how we can accomplish this. We truly appreciate your interest to work with us and look forward to working with you!

Pro Team Expectations

-Have an active and engaged presence on social media and a willingness to promote the Blue Coolers brand to your network.

-Be an active follower and engager of Blue Coolers online 

-Participate and endorse various Blue Coolers promotional campaigns and our brand 

-Cooperate with Blue Coolers in the creation of marketing assets and images 

-Promote Blue Coolers brand and products to all friends, family and business contacts 

Perk's of our Pro Team

-Discounts on all Blue Coolers Products. 

-Opportunity to earn commissions through Blue Coolers unique affiliate network

-Access to special new product demo opportunities 

-Special friends and family discount and promotions.

Let's Get Started!

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