Blue Coolers 3.0 - Big & Small Bundle - 100Q + 30Q
Blue Coolers 3.0 - Big & Small Bundle - 100Q + 30QBlue Coolers 3.0 - Big & Small Bundle - 100Q + 30QBlue Coolers 3.0 - Big & Small Bundle - 100Q + 30QBlue Coolers 3.0 - Big & Small Bundle - 100Q + 30QBlue Coolers 3.0 - Big & Small Bundle - 100Q + 30QBlue Coolers 3.0 - Big & Small Bundle - 100Q + 30QBlue Coolers 3.0 - Big & Small Bundle - 100Q + 30Q
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Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too?  With the Big & Small bundle you absolutely can!  Get the versatility and transportability of our 30 Quart Companion Cooler + the bulk and capacity of our 100 Quart Ark Series.

Oh, did we also mention that the 30Q cooler nests inside the 100Q cooler.  The perfect solution for efficient storage and transportation.  


Features on both coolers include:  non-skid feet, lockable lid, freezer style gasket, sure-grip handles, rotomolded construction with an industry leading 2” of insulation, rapid drain system, tie down notches among others.

Product Warranty:  90-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee and 5 year parts and construction defect warranty.

Empty Weight: 38 lbs.   
Actual Interior Size: 100 Quarts   
# of Cans at a 2:1 ice ratio: 95-98 cans
Empty Weight:  21.2 lbs.
Actual Interior Size:  30 Quarts                      
# of Cans at 2:1 ice ratio:  24-26 cans

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Greg K (Ashburn, VA, US)
Quality Cooler for a great price

Sturdy with great components. Rolls very well. Small cooler is a little heavier than expected but has great handles and keeps beverages cool for a hot day at the beach

Casey Garberich (New London, MN, US)

We had just received our coolers when leaving for vacation. We washed one out and put it in our camper and left. We put a bag of ice in it and warm water and warm beer. The next morning the water had ice chunks in it. Amazing coolers! 💙

William Eckhardt
Great cooler !!

Great coolers and Excellent customer service.
I would purchase again.

J. F. (Miles City, MT, US)
Trifecta Bundle was great

The Trifecta Bundle was great; we have used every size. The Journey Series 16 quart was a huge disappointment; with ice there is no room for anything else. Thought this would be a great size for our lunch on day trips, but can't get a few cans of pop, water, food, etc in the cooler.

Peter Hallenius (El Cajon, CA, US)
Great coolers

I am impressed with the performance of Mt 100 and 30 quart cooler. Both coolers maintained the ice and cold products inside for a out 5 days before I felt I needed to add a 7 lb bag of ice to them. The problem is I was opening and closing them quite a bit, when it was 100+ degrees outside. The ability to put the 30 quart inside of the 100 quart cooler for storage is a great feature as well. If you are going to keep stuff in them for a long time, then the most important thing to remember is to put ice in ahead of time to cool the coolers and whatever you are putting In them. I would recommend purchasing Blue Cooler for you camping, hunting picnick needed.

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